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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

- Oct 04, 2017 -


Mid-Autumn Festival, is one of the ancient Chinese important festivals, because from the ancient start, we are base on.

The lunar new year holidays ,so each year date is not same , but most of people  prefers combine holidays with National holidays together, so that we can spend almost one week long holidays, the same is the moon every year when the most round.It 

 is said that ancient China has two most important in a year, one in the spring, praying for the harvest of this year's crops. The second in the Autumn festival , thanks to the protection of the crops, so that everyone harvested.

This is also a Chinese-style Thanksgiving Day, to the present, derived from the Mid-Autumn Festival of the various claims, but the same is a family can be together, happy and harmonious, this is always same from ancient till now, JX specializes in manufacturing custom various plastic and metal parts,we are one stop-chain service! 

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Day.

Looking forward to hearing good news from you soon!

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