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Customized Various Materials Non-standard Prototype

- Jan 09, 2018 -

The necessity of making prototypes.

1. Check the appearance design: the designer's conception is reflected in form, color, dimension and material through the solid model made.Provide effective physical reference for more in-depth communication, evaluation, modification and improvement of the design scheme and the rationality of the design scheme.


2. Inspection structure design: the handboard can verify whether the structural design meets the predetermined requirements, such as the reasonability of the structure, the degree of difficulty in installation, and the details of man-machine learning scale.


3. Reduce the development risk: through the detection of the hand plate, we can find the problem and solve the problem before opening the mold, and avoid problems in the process of opening the mold, causing unnecessary losses.


4. quickly to the market: according to the characteristics of the standard speed, many companies in the mold developed will use before hand for product promotion and sales a year earlier, the new products to market quickly.

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