Turning Parts In Steel And Aluminum

CNC precision machining plastic metal cnc lathe aluminum parts led lamp heat dissipation part JX is available for provide lathe aluminum turning with nickel plated cylinder parts turning copper cnc machining, lathe premise of reasonable choice of cnc lathe meet the technological requirements of...

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 Turning Parts in steel and aluminum

Varions turning prototypes ,4 axis machining and auto-lathe turning; high precision parts production ;

(1) Plastic prototypes: The raw material is plastic, mainly the hand of some plastic products, such as TV sets, monitors, telephones, etc.

(2) Silicone prototypes: The raw material is silica gel, which is mainly used to display the shape of the product design, such as cars, mobile phones, toys, handicrafts, daily necessities, etc.

(3) Metal prototypes: The raw material is metal materials such as aluminum-magnesium alloy, mainly for the hand of some high-end products, such as notebook computers, advanced single player, MP3 player, CD player, etc.

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