Small Volume Precision-machining

We are forcus on parts accurance and quality ,as well as the fast lead time, so this time,we will choose 5 axis CNC machining option for multiply surface parts CNC machining, so that this will be save lot of time and assure the parts accurance better. Beside, only own good machine is not enough, we need a senior engineer to guid the parts machining process details, so ,find us ,you will everything is possible and less worries!

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small volume Precision-machining

Jinxin can provide precision CNC machining job, turning job , sheet metal ,die casting , SLA and SLS, its material can suit for both metal and plastic  , and we can also help you on design suggestion if you need it.  sure ,since our engeer teams has years mould making experience, so we can aslo support rapid tooling and export tooling to you.

The five-axis linkage machine has vertical, horizontal and cradle two-axis NC table, NC table NC indexing head, NC table 90 axis, NC table 45B axis, NC table A axis, two-axis NC spindle, etc. Types of. There are 7 kinds of five-axis linkage modes in the above six categories, each with its own characteristics. It can't be said which form is better. It can only be said which type of 5-axis machining is suitable for your product.

(1) Five-coordinate linkage double turntable machine tool

(A) The rotation coordinate has a sufficient range of travel and good process performance.

Five-axis linkage 3

Five-axis linkage 3

(B) Due to the limitation of the structure, the rigidity of the swing coordinate is low, which becomes the weak link of the rigidity of the whole machine tool. On the double turntable machine tool, the rigidity of the turntable is much higher than the rigidity of the swing head, thereby improving the overall rigidity of the machine tool.

(C) It is easy to develop into a machining center. It is only necessary to install a separate tool magazine and a tool changer. However, the coordinate driving power of the double-turn table machine turning table is large, and the coordinate conversion relationship is complicated;

(2) Five-coordinate linkage double-swing head machine

The double-swing head machine has a small swing drive power, convenient workpiece loading and unloading, and simple coordinate conversion relationship.

(3) Five-coordinate linkage

The performance of a swing-to-turn desktop machine is between the above two

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