CNC Lathe And Milling 5 Axis Complex Parts

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CNC lathe and milling 5 Axis Complex Parts

 CNC prototypes: prototypes machining  factory introduced its main workload is done with CNC machine tools, and according to the different equipment used, can be divided into laser rapid prototyping (RP, Rapid Prototyping) hand and machining center (CNC) samples

A: SLA prototypes: mainly the prototypes produced by laser rapid prototyping technology.

B: CNC prototypes: mainly the prototypes produced by the machining center.

Compared with the CNC prototypes, the RP prototypes has its own merits:

The advantages of the RP prototypes are mainly in its rapidity, but it is mainly formed by the stacking technique. Therefore, the RP hand board is generally relatively rough, and there are certain requirements on the wall thickness of the product, for example, the wall thickness is too thin to be produced.

The advantage of the CNC hand plate is that it can reflect the information expressed by the drawing very accurately, and the surface quality of the CNCprototypes is high, especially after the surface coating and silk screen printing is completed, even more brilliant than the product produced after the mold is opened. Therefore, the manufacture of CNC Shouban has become the mainstream of the Shouban manufacturing industry.

Second, according to the materials used

The prototypes Factory can be divided into plastic prototypes, silicone prototypes and metal prototypes according to the materials used in the production:

Plastic prototypes: The raw material is plastic, mainly the hand of some plastic products, such as TV sets, monitors, telephones, etc.

Silicone prototypes: Its raw material is silica gel, which is mainly used to display the shape of the product design, such as cars, mobile phones, toys, handicrafts, daily necessities, etc.

Metal prototypes: Its raw materials are metal materials such as aluminum-magnesium alloy, mainly for the hand of some high-end products, such as notebook computers, advanced single player, MP3 player, CD player and so on.

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