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- Apr 11, 2018 -


Five axis CNC machine tool is a kind of machine tool with high scientific and technological content and high precision for processing complex surface. This machine tool system has an important influence on aspects like aviation, space, military, scientific research, precision equipment, high precision medical equipment and other industries.

Through years manufacture experience on 5 axis machining, we JINXIN have confidence to provide proper solution according to different customer's different cases.

Machine Parameter Reference:

Interpolation shaft number: five axis
Each axis stroke :
X ≥2440 mm or≤2440mm
Y ≥1200 mm or≤1220mm
Z ≥750 mm or≤750 mm
A  +/-100°
C +/-225°
The fastest moving speed of the axis:
X 26 m/min
Y 60 m/min
Z 15m/min
Double pendulum head power: 7.5 kW -15KW

5 axis cnc machining

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